The ultimate aim of the First ATC Support Tools Implementation Programme

The ultimate aim of the First ATC Support Tools Implementation Programme (FASTI) is to provide assistance to ANSPs in the implementation of a set of controller assistance tools (the FASTI tools) in such a way that provides a harmonised implementation across Europe.The First ATC Support Tools Implementation (FASTI) Programme aims to support the co-
ordinated implementation and rapid deployment of an initial set of controller support tools.
The FASTI support tools include Medium Term Conflict Detection (MTCD), Monitoring Aids
(MONA), and System-Supported Co-ordination (SYSCO).

This document reports the findings of this Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) study that was
carried out within the FASTI Programme. The aim of the CTA was to understand in more
detail the impact of the FASTI tools on the controller’s task and the mental demands
associated with these tasks.

The study has produced a CTA that represents the controller’s task when interacting with
FASTI tools as implemented in EUROCONTROL’s FASTI demonstrator. Although the
results of the CTA are largely formulated on a level that is independent of a specific Human-
Machine Interface (HMI), it cannot be avoided that they reflect the specific FASTI concept
used in the demonstrator.

Based on the results of the CTA, the document identifies the human performance benefits as
well as potential issues (in terms of task demands and error potential) associated with the
implementation of FASTI tools. Recommendations pertaining to training, working methods,
system or HMI design are made to address the identified issues.