Estado de los aeropuertos Japoneses al 13 de Mayo

1)Major Airports

a. Facility Status b.Operation Hours c.Electric Power Supply d.Ground Access to Airport e. Jet Fuel Supply f.Website of Airport Company
Runway Passenger Terminal Building Train Bus
1.Narita(Tokyo) 0600~2300 Narita International Airport
2.Haneda(Tokyo) 24hours
Tokyo International Airport (Domestic Terminal)
Haneda Airport (International Terminal)
3.Kansai(Osaka) 24hours Kansai International Airport
4.Central Japan / Centrair (Nagoya) 24hours Central Japan International Airport
5.New Chitose (Sapporo) 24hours New Chitose Airport Terminal
( Domestic flights only )
0730~2130 × Sendai Airport
7.Hiroshima 0730~2130 Hiroshima Airport
8.Fukuoka 0700~2200 Fukuoka Airport

[ a. Facility Status ] ○: Normal operation without damage
△: Limited operation due to some severe damage
×: Closure due to overall severe damage
[ c. Electric Power Supply ] ○: Normal supply without suspension
△: Periodical suspension
×: No supply
* Although rolling blackouts are implemented depending on power demand in the Kanto and Tohoku regions by Tokyo Electric Power Company and Tohoku Electric Power Company respectively, airports and related facilities are basically exempted from blackouts. Moreover, in case of emergency, sufficient amounts of fuel are stocked for emergency power generators equipped in each airport.
[ d.Ground Access to Airport ] ○: Sufficient level of service available
△: Causing some inconvenience due to decreased level of service
×: No service available
* As for Narita and Haneda, train access may be periodically limited and/or delayed due to the rolling blackouts implemented by Tokyo Electric Power Company. For the latest information regarding airport access, please contact each operating company.
[ e. Jet Fuel Supply ] ○: Stock guaranteeing normal operation for 7 days or more
△: Stock guaranteeing normal operation for more than 3 days and less than 7days
×: Stock guaranteeing normal operation for 3 days or less
* Tankering to any airports in Japan is no longer required since the supply of jet fuel is enough and fueling is normally operated.

(2)Airports in the Tohoku Region (Eastern Half of the Japanese Main Island)