Aviso de ceniza volcánica

FVAG01 SABM 050930 VA ADVISORY DTG: 20110605/0930Z VAAC: BUENOS AIRES VOLCANO: PUYEHUE – CORDON CAULLE 1507-15 PSN: S4035 W07207 AREA: CHILE-C SUMMIT ELEV: 7336FT (2236M) ADVISORY NR: 2011/004 INFO SOURCE: GOES 12 – GFS MODEL ERUPTION DETAILS: CONTINUOUS EMISSION OBS ASH DATE/TIME: 05/0900Z OBS ASH CLOUD: ASH EXTENDED 840NMI ESE OF THE SUMMIT AT 0845Z ETI FL400 FCST ASH CLD +06HR: 051500Z SFC/FL400 S4030 W07207 – S4000 W06500 – S4100 W06000 – S4200 W05500 – S4400 W04900 – S4500 W05500 – S4500 W06500 – S4600 W07100 – S4300 W06900 FCST ASH CLD +12HR: 052100Z SFC/FL400 S4030 W07207 – S3900 W06500 – S4100 W05500 – S4200 W05200 – S4100 W04500 – S4400 W04800 – S4500 W05500 – S4500 W06500 – S4600 W07100 – S4300 W06700 FCST ASH CLD +18HR: 060300Z SFC/FL400 S4030 W07207 – S3900 W06600 – S3900 W06000 – S4300 W05000 – S4300 W04100 – S4000 W03800 – S4500 W03900 – S4600 W04100 – S4600 W05000 – S4400 W06200 – S4400 W06800 – S4500 W07200 – S4300 W6500 REMARKS: LARGE AREA OF ASH CONTINUES TO MOVE TOWARD ESE. A PORTION EXTEND TO WSW BTN S4400 W06800 AND S4500 W07200 NEXT ADVISORY: WILL BE ISSUED BY 20110605/1530Z