La NTSB publicó fotos e información en Twitter del avión accidentado en SFO – ¡Miralo aquí!

Publicaciones de la NTSB en Twitter

Esto es realmente informar, cuanto tenemos que aprender a la hora de un accidente y como ofrecer información al público. 

  1. The throttles were advanced a few seconds prior to impact and the engines appear to respond normally. 214
  2. The data indicate that the throttles were at idle and the airspeed slowed below target approach speed during the approach. 214
  3. FDR contained 1400 parameters and captured the entire flight. 214
  4. Preliminary results revealed: 24 hours of recorded data. 214
  5. An initial review of FDR data was conducted. 214
  6. Call to go around made approx. 1.5-sec prior to impact. 214
  7. Sound of stick shaker began approx. 4-sec prior to impact. 214
  8. Target speed for the approach was 137 knots. 214
  9. The flight was cleared for the visual approach to RWY 28L, which is confirmed by the crew. 214
  10. Recording began in cruise flight. 214
  11. Preliminary results revealed: 2 hour recording…good quality. 214